Services and Fees

Consultations and Workshops Fees:

Consultations ideally are done in person, although they can sometimes be done over the phone or internet.  Simple health concerns can often be dealt with in an hour, but more complex issues or consults involving both Glyse and Jo can take 90-120 minutes.

Fees for 1 hour, 1 practitioner are $45
Fees for 1 hour, 2 practitioners are $80
Fees for a 2 hour consult with one practitioner are $80
Fees for a 2 hour consult with both practitioners are $120

Energy healing session with Glyse is by donation

Personalized compounded dried Herbal Formulas are $10 for a pint jar plus a $2 deposit
for the jar

Workshop and herb walk fees vary with the circumstance (how many people, format, location etc.)

We are always open to trades, including time spent weeding on the farm.

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